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Not a House (ON THE BOARDS)

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Not a House

A small, private studio set in a xeric garden landscape. The client requested a simple structure for writing, working, and relaxing. The design opens the building to the garden via a bomber 8’ by 12’ sliding pocket door. Internal features include a fireplace, an upper level loft, and a tiny restroom. Privacy is enhanced by a matching external sliding barn door, which moves across and in front of the huge glass slider, for those moments when you’d just rather the neighbors not have a peek. Located in a historic district, the design walks the line between historic context and modern sensibilities. The name is a result of jurisdictional shenanigans; at one point the owner was asked to sign an affidavit that no one would ever sleep in it.




Mapleton Historic District

Tiny House (Less Than 500sf)

Wood / Wood / Wood

Xeric Landscape

1 Bed, 3/4 Bath