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Nut House (Under Construction)

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Nut House

A new structure in a storied historic district, the Nut House walks the line between its historic context and modern life and building technologies. It’s rare to see a new home in this district, and the design seeks to hit the right notes to achieve harmony with the neighborhood while adding a few new ones as a signal for modern ears. Check out the wood trellis screen at the gable entry facade; viddy the cantilevered balcony on the private side of the property, sheltering an outdoor dining area. Wood screens and lattices add texture and translucency to forms selected for their historic propriety. Clean and minimalist detailing will further signal to future residents the date and time of conception and construction.


Boulder, Colorado


Mapleton Historic District

Net Zero (HERS 0)

Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Stone / Wood / Brick

4 Bed, 3 1/2 Bath


Boulder, Colorado