Flower Architecture

FLOWER is a studio dedicated to the thoughtful making of spaces. Our aim is to merge utility and beauty in timeless buildings. We work to achieve a faithfulness to your needs, and to identify and meet the demands of place and context. In each project we seek to understand and impart a ‘spirit of place’ into each structure we build. We established the studio in order to focus on this process in each project, built upon a solid base of expertise and experience that runs more than two decades deep.

We love making spaces, the process of design, and the beautiful mess that is construction. Architecture is collaborative, and great work requires the sincere effort of individuals in a variety of roles, disciplines, and trades. We enjoy working with clients and craftspeople who seek out the new. Through architectural practice we have learned the immeasurable value and joy in client relationships, and the rewarding nature of working together to build new places.


It’s not magic. It’s process. We work with you to articulate the goals of the project, and along the way we discover new ones. We identify the pieces of the puzzle, including opportunities and constraints. Priorities are sifted, knocked against limitations, weighed against each other. Our work serves as instructions, as illustrations of something new. We have established and consistent relationships with excellent builders, craftsmen, and artists who make great buildings, with integrity and attention to detail.


Everything is local. We approach each project with humility and reverence for the unique character of a place. No two are the same. This fact is food for creative tummies, fuel for imagination. It all goes in the mixer. Local ingredients can include everything from incredible vistas and views to unfortunate utility poles and flood zones; the richness of local materials and the limitations of local regulations. Our studio is in Boulder, but the project - and our minds - are on your ‘place’.