Portraits Ain’t Fakin’

We have some nifty portraits on this site courtesy of our friend and talented artist Amanda Lenz. Many thanks Amanda for your take on … us! Check out her work at lenzillustration.com. We asked for something a bit different than the usual architect’s take on profile photos (you know: the oh-so-serious, architect glasses perched on the nose, heroic and unsmiling “professional” portrait), and Amanda delivered in spades.

Lou on Blue


I’m excited to introduce our studio with the launch of this website. FLOWER — while new in name — is the culmination of more than two decades of effort and work in the practice of architectural design. I’m looking forward to the people and projects to come. The site will serve as a record of the work we do, are doing, and imagine for the future. Thanks for checking us out.

FLOWER concept sketches and fingers (2014)