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Batten House Completed Fall 2020

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Batten House

A complete rebuild on an existing mid-century foundation, the Batten House redefines the tricks of ’60s era homes. It takes its name from our take on board and batten cladding, with custom shapes and patterns which redefine the standard and seek a different texture and musicality. With an integrated garage door and new upper level, the design sets the solid brick entry form against a vertical backdrop. And the porch — no home should be without a porch — a place to crash with a beer after a hard day’s work, watch the kiddos, chat with the neighbors, and watch the sunset. With this house we’re looking for ways of acknowledging the atomic age roots of the neighborhood while resisting the temptation to mimic old styles.

Interior Design

Lyons Studio, Brooklyn NY




Ground Up Remodel and Addition

Board + Batten / Brick

Xeric Landscape

4 Bed, 4 Bath