Nicholas Fiore

Principal Architect, AIA

Nick has a wealth of experience in architecture and design, working in a variety of studios ranging from high-end custom residential to commercial and multi-family projects. If you’re interested in specifics — resumes and experience — then please look here. Nick really, really, cares about the work that we do. We’ve even overheard him referring to projects as his ‘babies’… yup. (Just don’t tell his actual babies)

Louis Kahn Fiore


Named for our very favorite architect, great with kids, and a native of New Mexico, Louie is a good doggie! Lou is not technically an architect, yet he plays an integral role in the FLOWER studio — chief among them his innate ability to smell fear in collaborators. Lou can sit, shake, play dead, and navigate the byzantine permitting process in our local municipalities.

RIP Lou. We love you. (2009-2022)